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Shipment Monitoring brought to you by Yakit

Yakit monitors end to end logistics from an online merchant's shipping center, all the way to the receiving customer's door.

Not only does Yakit have end-to-end, "no gaps" tracking, but it also internally monitors the shipments to facilitate communications to the end consumer so that everyone is 'kept in the loop' during the pickup, airfreight, and customs clearance processes, this culminates with the 'final mile' delivery being made.  


Yakit Express - when you can't wait to get it

With Yakit Express, your international shipments get there even sooner, in 2-5 days worldwide.  

With the same care and convenience as Yakit Standard.  

Fully insured, with full end-to-end "no gaps" tracking.


Yakit Transit Times and SLA

♦ What is the Yakit SLA?

The Yakit SLA for 'Standard' service is 6-12 business days worldwide, from the pickup date.
The Yakit SLA for 'Express' service is 2-5 business days worldwide, from the pickup date.


Delivery Confirmation for inbound US/Canada shipments

Yakit’s process for last mile delivery within the US and Canadian markets assures our clients that there has been a delivery made via our Postal delivery partners.

The delivery process and responsibility lies with Yakit, and as such your parcel deliveries are recorded in our end to end tracking process. 


Countries supported by Yakit

See this blog periodically for the list of countries Yakit supports. We are always adding new ones as we expand our reach.  

If you have other countries that you would like supported, let us know. We are driven by you!

Our delivery timelines are as follows, where Day 0 is when the shipment is Picked up by a Yakit Partner:


Yakit End-to-End Tracking

Yakit provides end-to-end tracking for international shipments that enables the shipper and the recipient to know exactly where their shipment is at any point along its route.

Yakit's tracking is normalized, which means that the various tracking events coming in from different carriers and partners with their own terminology are translated to a standard set of events: