Rainbeau | Yakit


Our experience with Yakit has been an incredibly positive one. We've seen an increase in international sales and our fulfillment team is able to keep up with the increase in volume because the Yakit interface is so easy to use.

We were using another international shipping service when we noticed that they were raising shipping rates without even notifying us. As a result, we began searching for an alternative shipping service that could offer competitive rates, easily integrate with our multiple Shopify accounts, and provide more accessible customer service to us.

Yakit has been able to fulfill all of the above criteria and more. Yakit's international shipping rates are incredibly low. In fact, they're so low that we're able to use their shipping rates as a selling point in our advertising. Since we started using Yakit, we've seen a significant bump in international sales. Our overseas fans have been sending us messages about how happy they are that our products are so much more accessible to them.

Setup with our first Shopify store was easy and hassle free. And setting up a second store was just as easy, if not easier. Both setup processes were done within a few hours. All of our product information was automatically pulled from our Shopify account, including the information needed for duty charges. We didn't need to spend any extra time manually gathering this data.

The Yakit interface is straightforward and easy to use. All it takes to pull orders from Shopify to the Yakit dashboard is a simple button click. Corrections to the address, shipping contents, and dimensions can all be changed on the spot, without needing to contact customer support. Labels are directly sent to our Dymo 4XL label printer without any problems and FedEx/DHL pickups are scheduled by Yakit. We've trained multiple people with varying degrees of technical proficiency to use Yakit and they've all been able to quickly adapt to it.

If we do run into any issues while processing orders via Yakit, customer support is also just a button click away. We're able to send a message to Yakit's entire customer support team all at once and someone usually responds within a minute. They're helpful and accommodating, fixing any problems with ease. They also have full coverage of package tracking, meaning our customers know where their order is at all times. And if the package isn't able to be delivered for any reason, Yakit notifies the customer immediately, sending them information on how to pickup their package.

We recommend Yakit for any business looking to effectively increase market share worldwide.

Gary Lee
Head of Operations


Rainbeau came to us with a grand international expansion plan. One look at their strategy and it was very clear that they were striving hard to capture pockets of international market where they had a great product-market fit.

Our commitment to them was simple: you invest in your marketing, we will take care of your shipping. Keep expanding!