How Indestructible Dog partnered with Yakit to go international

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If you've ever shipped internationally, you'll likely know the pain of tracking the shipment and dealing with duties and taxes. Hands down Yakit is one of the best experiences we've had shipping packages internationally. Not to mention the shipping cost savings (which are significant), you don't have to know all the specifics about tariffs around the world. Yakit takes the guesswork and hard research out of the equation; the shipping, brokerage, duties and tax cost that is given is your ACTUAL cost regardless of whether the duties and tax estimate were correct. No more guessing, no more red tape research, no more worries about underpaying duties. Best of all, your customer's order arrives at their doorstep and ready for them to open it. No bad experiences with customers having to pay taxes and/or fees on delivery. Yes!



Anthony approached us with a simple challenge, help Dog provide guarantees to their consumers in their shopping carts, while reducing their risk in shipping worldwide.  And oh, by the way, he had a vision for hyper growth where they were going to rapidly expand to multiple warehouses.  To Yakit this was just a simple application of the scalable architecture we built to satisfy just this kind of unfettered growth.  Orders flow into Yakit, while it goes to different warehouses where they are fulfilled and shipped via our world wide network, while the data flows to Dog’s grand central.

We many not get a woof from the consumers, but we feel greatly satisfied.