CUPPAZU lists 2 reasons why Yakit is your best international shipping partner


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We at Cuppazu love the Yakit folks! Two things that we really liked about the company are that if you are new to the international shipping world they handhold you throughout the entire process and they take it upon themselves to see that everything is perfect. Secondly, they do not differentiate between large and small customers. Everyone is treated equally. This company has its core value in place.



When Cuppazu approached us with their vision to ship organic, fresh, single estate Darjeeling tea to the world, we at Yakit jumped to the occasion with gusto.  

After all, we believe in Flat world eCommerce ® .  We made sure that our software handled all the documentation for exporting their tea from India and importing in various countries, with duties and taxes paid.  

That, combined with our state of the art end-to-end, “no gaps” tracking made sure that there’s nary a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip.