Meet the Yakit Team members

We are entrepreneurs, logistics experts, data geeks, and hackers who work to bring people the things that matter to them.

  • Alan


    When not cooking up delicious food in his kitchen, Alan is our resident logistics support expert, ensuring that every package matters.

  • Jaggi


    When not perfecting his "bandhas" at Yoga, Jaggi works tirelessly to develop the business. A serial entrepreneur, he enjoys helping others unlock their superpowers and building things that matter.

  • Stefan


    When he is not roller-blading competitively, Stefan sets up our world-wide logistic network. Pragmatic and punctual, he brings an experienced logistics vision to the team.

  • Lok


    In-between rides on his motorcycle (an Enfield Bullet), Lok creates quality code for our platform.

  • Giri


    When not hanging out with friends, playing online games or browsing tech blogs, Giri is watching out for our customers. 

  • Rhea


    When not gardening, hiking or swimming, Rhea juggles many hats at Yakit, analysing our data, taking care of accounts, recruiting, trademarking and most importantly, keeping the Y-team happy. ;)

  • Ray


    When he is not biking in the hills near his home, Ray is showing customers how Yakit can benefit their consumers, or helping them out with his deep logistics knowledge.

  • Ashwin


    When not out shooting the big cats of India (with a camera), Ashwin helps build our products. A believer in simple, scalable architectures, he loves taming big, ambitious ideas.

  • Jeya


    When she's not cooking up awesome dishes, listening to music or watching movies, Jeya manages the technical backbone of our website while figuring out how things can be automated.

  • Vignesh


    When he's not dueling with quiz enthusiasts, playing semi-pro basketball, or living up to his reputation as an avid gamer, Vignesh maintains Zen like calmness across Yakit's 24x7 worldwide systems.

  • James


    When he's not at a Warriors game or exploring new and exciting restaurants and places in the Bay Area, James assists our customers and ensures their success.

  • Varkey


    When he is not playing the guitar, conquering the mind (meditating) or learning about making better products, Varkey helps our customers conquer the world by providing a seamless Yakit Experience.