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Offering Shipping Discounts for International Orders - With Yakit

Shipping Discount can be offered by a merchant to help with conversions, or to offer a one-time promo.

Here are the steps for Shopify (you can do the same on other platforms as well) to offer a 'Shipping Discount Code' which your buyers can use at checkout:


Enhancing your shopping cart conversions - with Yakit

The problem

Shipping cost and duties/taxes can add up to ~30% of your cart value.  Add to that the uncertainity of duties and taxes and your shopping cart "conversions" could be greatly affected.

The Yakit solution


Yakit shipping tweaks for Google Shopping Product Feed

Merchants may want to run Google Adwords campaigns for their products on Shopify and other platforms which are served by Yakit Shipping. Yakit Shipping provides API driven shipping, duties and taxes in the shopping carts. Google Shopping requires flat/fixed rates for shipping of the products to be approved for Google ads.

This blog article shows you step-by-step how to make your product feed compatible with Google Shopping. For this example we will use Shopify as the store platform.

1. Install the Google Shopping App from the Shopify App Store


Automatic Subsidy Management

Automatic Subsidy Management

Applies to: Merchants that display Yakit rates in their eCommerce carts

Yakit allows you to control your costs via bulking in Yakit Master Boxes. If you are showing rates in your shopping cart via one of our eCommerce apps (Shopify, Miva, et al. or via our Y-Rate API), you may have seen a difference between the rate you show in your cart and your actual shipping rate. This is because the actual rate will depend on the exact dimensions of your shipments and how much you bulk.


How to track and manage your Shopify quoted shipping cost

Most ecommerce experts recommend subsidizing shipping as a way to increase your customers' purchase rate. We highly recommend using our Free/Flat shipping feature (Channels > Free/Flat shipping) to simplify shipping costs for your customers, and encourage larger purchases.

We call this our "Subsidy Management" feature.

However we recognize many shippers want to pass-through the shipping cost to their customers. Here is a guide to controlling these costs. First, a brief review of how in-cart quoted prices work:


Domestic US Shipping using Yakit - including Military (APO/FPO) addresses worldwide

For US shippers, Yakit now supports shipping Domestically as well - via our 2-3 day USPS Prioirity Mail service.  This includes shipping to our US Armed Forces worldwide using APO/FPO addresses.  All with the same ease of use of Yakit's Standard shipping that you are used to. 

If you are a Shopify customer and want to start using Yakit for your US domestic shipping, please follow the instructions below, and keep all States selected. If you are not a Shopify customer, you can simply upload your shipments as normal, and use your customer's domestic shipping address.


Setting Up Shopify after installing the Yakit Shopify App

1. First, here are some instructions on setting up Shipping in your Shopify store

a. In Shopify, go to Settings/Shipping, and remove "Yakit rate estimates" from the Domestic shipping zone. Also, you may want to remove the "Flat rate shipping" rate from your Rest of World zone. Both are circled in red below.

b. If you don't have Carrier-Calculated shipping, please contact Shopify (by email or chat) and ask them to add Carrier-Calculated shipping to your current plan. They can add this on for you within a few minutes, as a $20/mo add-on.


Yakit for Shopify App, Version 2.0

May 18, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA - Yakit, which pioneered guaranteed, prepaid, duties and taxes international shipping with its software platform, has releases v2.0 of its shopify app

The new app allows merchants to connect multiple stores to their Yakit accounts and ship to over 45 countries without any hassles - Yakit’s software platform does all the work.


Yakit introduces a cost saving, no hassles, online app for Shopify merchants


Yakit Releases a New Shopify App to Make International Shipping Simpler and More Affordable

July 1, 2015 introduces a cost saving, no hassles, online app for Shopify merchants


Yakit <3 Shopify

The Hacker Yak'ers are proud to release our app for all Shopify merchants wanting to ship their great products globally. With this release, merchants can seamlessly integrate Yakit’s world class cross border software and logistics right into their shopping carts. The Yakit Standard and Express rates shown as shipping options for each international order - all duties and taxes paid!