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International Shipping

Offering Shipping Discounts for International Orders - With Yakit

Shipping Discount can be offered by a merchant to help with conversions, or to offer a one-time promo.

Here are the steps for Shopify (you can do the same on other platforms as well) to offer a 'Shipping Discount Code' which your buyers can use at checkout:


Optimizing your shipping cost with Yakit

Here are the tools Yakit provides to optimize your shipping cost, and to ensure that your buyers will see accurate shipping rates in the shopping cart.

Quoting in your shopping cart

Yakit gives quotes based on weight and anticipated dimensions.  Anticipated dimensions because during quoting time, the actual dimensions of the shipment are not know.  Yakit uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm to learn the dimensions of the shipment and applies it to the quote.


Enhancing your shopping cart conversions - with Yakit

The problem

Shipping cost and duties/taxes can add up to ~30% of your cart value.  Add to that the uncertainity of duties and taxes and your shopping cart "conversions" could be greatly affected.

The Yakit solution


Simple Shipping via a Yakit Hub

With Simple Shipping, you can simply send your international shipments one-by-one or grouped together to a Yakit selected Hub partner closest to you.  The Yakit Hub partner affixes your last mile labels, secures your shipments in a sturdy master box or pallet and sends them via Yakit logistics network.  You get the benefit of the logistics cost saving due to the aggregation done by the Yakit Hub partner.

If you have just a few shipments going to each Country/region (eg EU or AU) you will save money via Yakit Hubbing.


Yakit at Strata Hadoop 2017

Greasing the Wheels of International B2C Logistics

Yakit was invited to speak at Strata/Hadoop 2017 on our unique data driven approach to logistics.  Hear what Rajiv Paul, our Growth PM has to say about our technology.


Yakit for WooCommerce

What is Yakit for 

It's a WooCommerce plugin that provides the following capabilities for your store :


Why E-Commerce Merchants Should Own Their Cross Border Checkout Experience

Outsourcing your international shopping cart

Many E-Commerce merchants have chosen to ‘outsource’ their international shopping cart experience. There can be many reasons why a merchant would select a third party vendor to take care of international orders such as:


Duties & Taxes are Killing your International Sales

If you are an online merchant, you may have made the decision either consciously or unconsciously that shipping internationally is really too complicated to deal with duties and taxes. You may have verbiage like the following on your webpage:


Managing your shipping costs and driving sales

Managing your shipping costs and driving sales through Subsidy Management