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International Shipping

Yakit API

1. Linking the Yakit account

To begin with, a customer needs to sign up on Yakit. We can use oAuth to carry over the Partner credentials to create an account on Yakit. The creation of the account will generate a unique account key for access to the Yakit APIs.


Yakit Shipping Insurance - how does it work?

1. Introduction

Yakit delivers shipments from a Merchant's warehouse to a Buyer.  Merchants pay Yakit for its delivery service.

Yakit supports B2C (worldwide) and B2B (in some geographies) shipments.

Each shipment is insured by Yakit to the Value that is declared to Yakit during the shipping process.  Shipment insurance begins when the shipment is Dispatched from the warehouse and ends when it is received by the Buyer.

Shipments are typically a box or container such as a polypack (in the case of B2C shipments) with one or more items.