How to use Yakit for international shipping

Yakit Flow

Yakit flow

Yakit is a data driven logistics software platform that manages partners and provides B2C logistics service to buyers and merchants.

The default logistics route for any merchant is via a Yakit Hub partner - who will receive your shipments, bulk and ship them via the Yakit Logistics Network.  If your volumes are significant, you may ship directly via the Yakit Logistics network.  Contact us if you think you are ready for direct shipping.

We simplify your shipping.  See the steps below or simply get started by downloading our free app.  If you have any questions along the way, simply click on to ask us.

Pull Orders

Print labels

We automatically create all customs paperwork for international orders

Y-Chat  24x7 support!


You may omit this step if you ship via a Yakit Hub.




Guaranteed duties / taxes


Express: 2-5 days
Standard: 6-12 days
Domestic: 1-5 days

Free insurance!

We arrange the pick up and
use branded carriers.


Normalized, no gaps tracking. No surprises.  We Proactively MonitorTM your shipments.