Which countries do you ship to? | Yakit

This list changes frequently as we constantly extend our reach by adding new countries to our list. The best way to check this list, is to sign up to Yakit, and enter your Country of Export to see what countries are supported by the Yakit Rate Calculator. But here’s a summary:

US shippers may ship Yakit Standard (6-12 day service at about $10/1st lb) to Australia, Canada, Europe, India, and New Zealand. With Yakit Express (2-5 day service at about $20/1st lb), US shippers may ship to around 100 countries.

Indian shippers may ship Y-Standard to Australia, Canada, EU, New Zealand and the US. Y-Express connects you to around 100 countries.

China, HK, Singapore shippers may ship Y-Standard to Canada, EU, India and the US.

EU shippers may ship Y-Standard to Canada, US, India, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Our list of destination countries is constantly expanding.  Stay tuned to this FAQ for additions.  If you want to inquire or suggest a destination country, simply click on Y-Chat and speak to us.