How does Yakit price its shipping? | Yakit

Yakit presents the best rates from our many logistics partners for your Job.  Since each Job is individually quoted, with duties and taxes calculated, it is best that you sign up, fill out a few details and quickly check the rates yourself by accessing the Y-Rate Calculator.

And Yakit does not have any monthly fees or minimums.  Yes this is all part of our no-hassles shipping experience.  You can be there in a couple of minutes by signing up here.

Some details on our pricing components below.  You can check these out when using the Y-Rate Calculator:

  1. Insurance fee is charged at 0.6% of value of product.  Yakit insurance is mandatory.
  2. For cross-border shipments we add a Customs Bond charge of 1% of value of product.  This is not charged for Domestic shipments.
  3. To set up a pickup for your Yakit Standard shipments, we charge a $3/Yakit Box pickup surcharge. Depending on how many shipments you bundle in a Yakit Box, this surcharge may be small per shipment.  If you have regularly scheduled pickups with FedEx or UPS, let us know and we will remove this surcharge.
  4. You can get a discount of 3% on your shipping/duties/taxes by pre-buying Yakit Tokens via a Wire/ACH.   If you are unsure what your monthly or quarterly spend will be, just take a look at your past history and add the growth you anticipate.
  5. Our shipping fees are the lowest in industry and include our commission.
  6. Our duties and taxes are exact, with no additional charges.

If you have any questions about our pricing and billing, feel free to contact us via Y-Chat.  We will give you a straight answer, that's our hassle-free guarantee.

Happy Shipping!