Yakit FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • How does Yakit make money?

    Yakit gets best-in-class shipping rates from our worldwide logistics carriers. These rates improve as new merchants join Yakit. Our shipping rate includes a commission. Our goal is to ensure that you, the merchant and your customer never have any concerns or risks in shipping, duties and taxes.

    There are no monthly fees, minimums, or extra charges.

  • Can I ship personal packages to my friends and family abroad?

    No, Yakit is purely a business to consumer shipping platform. We ship to your customers, you need to be a registered business.

  • Can I purchase products from Yakit to grow my drop shipping business?

    Yakit does not offer products for purchase in any form.

    Yakit is an international delivery service that allows drop shippers anywhere in the world to ship their products to consumers worldwide. Drop ship merchants can organize their international deliveries utilizing our software and logistics, so that they may send a shipment to an end consumer with all duties and taxes prepaid.

    Yakit supports this capability from the United States, India, China, the European Union and many other countries around the world.

  • Does Yakit do domestic shipping?

    Good news!  By popular demand, we are now offering domestic shipping within the USA.  This means, US merchants may use Yakit to ship to US consumers - with the same ease of use that they are used to for international shipments.  If you have questions, ask your Support Yak via Y-Chat.

    At present this domestic service is only available in the US.  Stay tuned for other countries as we expand our services.

    Of course you can continue to ship internationally from other countries.

  • Are there any minimums?

    Yakit has no minimum shipping weights or volumes. However if you ship only a few packages you will see that the rates go up slightly, because of the first mile charges - which are not shared among many shipments.

  • How does Yakit handle orders that involve multiple dropshippers/warehouses?

    If your order includes items that come from multiple locations, then each item is considered a shipment in Yakit terms. The consignee will get multiple shipments, not unlike how it works for many marketplaces. Yakit prices these in the shopping cart so that your consumer sees a single landed cost.

  • What countries do you ship from?

    Yakit can currently support shipping from the US, India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and several EU countries like UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

    This list is constantly expanding and we are driven by your needs. If you have a warehouse/drop shipper in a different country, contact us via Y-Chat on our platform.

  • Which countries do you ship to?

    This list changes frequently as we constantly extend our reach by adding new countries to our list. The best way to check this list, is to sign up to Yakit, and enter your Country of Export to see what countries are supported by the Yakit Rate Calculator. But here’s a summary:

    US shippers may ship Yakit Standard (6-12 day service at about $10/1st lb) to Australia, Canada, Europe, India, and New Zealand. With Yakit Express (2-5 day service at about $20/1st lb), US shippers may ship to around 100 countries.

    Indian shippers may ship Y-Standard to Australia, Canada, EU, New Zealand and the US. Y-Express connects you to around 100 countries.

    China, HK, Singapore shippers may ship Y-Standard to Canada, EU, India and the US.

    EU shippers may ship Y-Standard to Canada, US, India, China, Australia and New Zealand.

    Our list of destination countries is constantly expanding.  Stay tuned to this FAQ for additions.  If you want to inquire or suggest a destination country, simply click on Y-Chat and speak to us.

  • Will my shipping rates change?

    Your rates change slightly from time to time because of changes in exchange rates and fuel surcharges. Yakit quotes the shipping cost exactly in your shipping interface and your shopping cart. This way there are no surprises to you or your customers.

  • Will my quoted duties/taxes change?

    Yes. Duties and taxes change slightly on daily basis due to exchange rate fluctuations. They may also change periodically because of rate changes by the respective customs authorities. They may also change if the customs authorities reclassify an item - which is fully within their right to do so. Yakit does not mark up duties/taxes. The duties/taxes quoted to you are final - we take the risk on these and you will not be asked to pay more for that shipment or Job. Additionally your customer is never burdened with paying anything extra for the shipment on delivery.

  • How does Yakit insurance work?

    Yakit insures each shipment to a max of $2000 (USD). When the shipment is handed over to a Yakit partner, it immediately becomes insured. We insure for loss of shipment, damages during transit and shortfalls (some items are missing). We will need some proof (usually a photo) from the consignee, to file a claim. We settle all claims 45 days after the shipment was dispatched. We have to wait for 30 days to make sure that the shipment is not mis-routed. We pay the merchant (or whoever pays our invoices) directly.

  • What is Yakit Proactive Monitoring (TM) ?

    The Yakit system monitors the data from your shipments. It ensures that they are hitting the right checkpoints and that there are no untoward delays. If there are, then alerts are sent to the Support Yaks who immediately drill down and make sure that they resolve the issue. Yakit will always keep you, the merchant, in the loop and offer alternatives to satisfy your customer.

  • What are Yakit’s payment terms?

    Yakit’s payment terms are prepaid shipping+duties/taxes. Once you upload your manifest, we will give you an exact invoice with shipping cost and duties/taxes broken down for each shipment. You may review it and accept it. Once accepted, you need to pay via our payment methods viz: Paypal or Credit card. You may also wire a payment and Yakit will issue you a Yakit Token code, which can be used for your shipments. You can then print labels and Dispatch.

  • Besides Shopify, what platforms do you support?

    As you may know, we have a very popular international shipping app for Shopify.   We also support the 3PL Central warehousing platform.  We are constantly testing other platforms with Yakit and will publish blog articles on these.  Stay tuned.

    You can export orders from any platform in a csv or excel file and easily convert it into a Yakit Manifest. Our Support Yaks will be able to assist you in doing so. You can also push orders from your custom platforms via our easy REST API.

  • As a shipper how do I arrange for a pickup from my warehouse?

    Yakit will do that for you. Just let your Support Yak know that you are getting ready to dispatch and we will do the rest. If you don't pre-notify us, we will still get in touch with you once you hit "Dispatch" in the Yakit Shipping tool, to arrange for the pickup. Of course the most efficient and reliable way to ensure proper pickup is to set up a regular pickup schedule. Usually first mile carriers need 24 hours’ notice to arrange their pickup schedule.

  • Does Yakit support Cash On Delivery (COD)?

    The quick answer is not at this moment. However we can provide accurate tracking and proof of delivery events to any local COD partner of yours who collects the money and remits to you the merchant.
    We are working with several marketplaces where COD is supported in local currencies. Stay tuned for more insights into this from Yakit.

  • How much does it cost to ship with Yakit?

    Yakit presents the best rates from our many logistics partners for your Job.

    Since each Job is individually quoted, with duties and taxes calculated, it is best that you sign up, fill out a few details and quickly check the rates yourself by accessing the Y-Rate Calculator.

    And did we say that Yakit does not have any monthly fees?  Yes this is all part of our no-hassles shipping experience.

    You can be there in a couple of minutes by clicking this link.

  • Does Yakit operate a warehouse?

    No. The Yakit logistics model is designed to have the least number of touch points (meaning lesser errors and lower costs) between the merchant (manufacturer/distributor) and the consignee. With Yakit, there is no need for intermediate warehouses for logistics.

    However, if you as a merchant operate a warehouse or have 3rd party fulfillment facilities who do your pick/pack/shipping, Yakit can be used by them to ship.

    If you need a reference to a 3rd party fulfillment house, then we will be happy to provide that reference.