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Duties, Taxes, Customs

Yakit at Strata Hadoop 2017

Greasing the Wheels of International B2C Logistics

Yakit was invited to speak at Strata/Hadoop 2017 on our unique data driven approach to logistics.  Hear what Rajiv Paul, our Growth PM has to say about our technology.


Automatic Subsidy Management

Automatic Subsidy Management

Applies to: Merchants that display Yakit rates in their eCommerce carts

Yakit allows you to control your costs via bulking in Yakit Master Boxes. If you are showing rates in your shopping cart via one of our eCommerce apps (Shopify, Miva, et al. or via our Y-Rate API), you may have seen a difference between the rate you show in your cart and your actual shipping rate. This is because the actual rate will depend on the exact dimensions of your shipments and how much you bulk.


Yakit for Miva

What is Yakit for Miva?

Yakit for Miva is a Miva module that provides the following capabilities for your Miva store.


India Imports/Exports documents requirement

1. Yakit Imports into India

1.1 Courier clearance

For Invoice value <=1,00,000 INR (per HAWB) =~ USD 1538

  • IEC Copy - Self Attested
  • Address Proof copy - Self attested
  • Photo ID Proof (If proprietorship)
  • Authorization Letter - Original on company letterhead.

For Invoice value  > 1,00,000 INR

  • IEC Copy - Self Attested
  • Address Proof - Self attested copy
  • Authorization Letter - Original on company letterhead
  • GATT Declaration - Stamp and Signature (on normal A4 Sheet)

DG (Dangerous Goods) shipping via Yakit

1. What are dangerous goods? 1

2. What is required from Merchant before Yakit can process your DG? 2

2.1 General DG 2


What documents do I need for Exports?


If you login to your account, select India as your Country of Export, and follow the instructions, i.e. accept the Yakit Agreement, fill out your Details and click on the Documents button, where you will see the exact documents you need to export out of India.

Once you go over that list, if you have further questions, please click on Y-Chat to reach out to us.


B2C Import Documentation - India

Here are the documents required of each B2C Consignee (receiver of shipments) when in India.

These documents must be provided by the Merchant (Shipper) prior to Dispatching the shipments via Yakit for import into India.

If these documents are not present for each shipment, then Yakit's Customs Partner in India will attempt to get them from the shipment's consignee.

Shipper must provide the email address and phone number of the Consignee.


India Export / Import Notes

Please note below if you are exporting or importing any of below categories.

1. Tea or other food export: 

   a) If you are exporting tea or any other food items to the USA, you should register with FDA ( US Food and Drug Administration) and obtain registration number. Click here for more details about registration.


B2B Import Documents - India

Here are the documents required by Yakit to process a B2B shipment that is inbound into India.

Exporter is the wholesaler/shipper in the Country of Export (say USA).  Importer is the buyer of the goods in India.

Your Yakit Support Champion will be in touch with you to obtain these documents.


The Yakit Value Proposition

The Yakit value proposition in today’s online E-commerce and E-Tail Space is very unique and is unmatched in the marketplace. The DaaS ( Delivery as a Service) Yakit provides for international shippers and international consumers has literally stitched together the incredible complexities of business to consumer shipping and made the world a ‘smaller-boutique’ for savvy online marketers.