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Simple Shipping via a Yakit Hub

With Simple Shipping, you can simply send your international shipments one-by-one or grouped together to a Yakit selected Hub partner closest to you.  The Yakit Hub partner affixes your last mile labels, secures your shipments in a sturdy master box or pallet and sends them via Yakit logistics network.  You get the benefit of the logistics cost saving due to the aggregation done by the Yakit Hub partner.

If you have just a few shipments going to each Country/region (eg EU or AU) you will save money via Yakit Hubbing.


Why E-Commerce Merchants Should Own Their Cross Border Checkout Experience

Outsourcing your international shopping cart

Many E-Commerce merchants have chosen to ‘outsource’ their international shopping cart experience. There can be many reasons why a merchant would select a third party vendor to take care of international orders such as:


Yakit is your ultimate partner to India

If your online business is starting to see more and more orders being purchased from Indian consumers, you are not alone. The Indian E-tail / B to C market is growing at double digit percentages year after year. Indian consumers are making online purchases in the high end retail fashion and accessories, health and beauty products and electronic goods. More and more purchases are being made online with explosive growth forecast for the foreseeable future.


Are You Ready to Yakit?

In the highly competitive world of online retailing, each order that goes out your door is the most important order—whether you own a brick-and-mortar storefront with a small shipping section in the back office or you have outsourced your shipping to a fulfillment company.


Rapid growth of e-Commerce in emerging markets and the resulting logistics challenge for Cross Border Shipping

B2C e-Commerce is growing much faster in the emerging markets than in the developed markets. The chart below from the Market Research Company, e-Marketer, shows over 35% per year growth for the period 2013-2017 in Indonesia and China, 24% in India and 18% in Mexico. In comparison, in the US and in Europe annual growth rates are around 10%. Global retail trade as a whole is projected to grow 3.2% -3.4% per year in this period.


EU directive on Consumer Rights in e-Commerce transactions

The European Union Consumer Rights Directive of June 2014 aims to protect the rights of e-commerce customers and bring them on par with the rights of customers who buy from brick and mortar retail.  It is important for e-retailers, especially merchants who are shipping products


Air cargo security and eCommerce delivery

1. Enormous cargo capacity is available on passenger planes

The rapid growth in air transportation provides the opportunity for e-commerce to shorten time and cost of delivery for on-line purchases. There are over 9,000 commercial airports around the world. The IATA map below shows that there are very few parts of the world not accessible by air planes.


Order fulfillment - the key to success in e-commerce

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door  This is a familiar quote attributed to the 19th century American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. This quotation is frequently used to stress that product innovation is the key to success in business. Most businessmen know that product innovation is only one element in building a successful business.


B2C eCommerce: Challenges in Cross-Border Product Delivery

Worldwide B2C (Business to Consumer) e-retailing revenues in 2014 are estimated to have reached $1.3 trillion, growing 22.2% over the previous year. Do you have your Ecommerce Shipping set?eCommerce sales forecast


Y-Rate Calculator

What is the Y-rate calculator 

The Y-Rate Calculator is a simple tool that uses Yakit’s routing and rating engine to predict what a particular shipment will cost, including any applicable duties and taxes.

Since the Y-Rate Calculator uses the same engine as the Yakit Shipping Tool, you will get an accurate estimate of the final shipping cost, but these results are provided only for reference.

Some of the key factors in your rate calculation are the dimensions and the total weight of your shipments and Yakit Box.