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  • International Shipping

    Duties & Taxes are Killing your International Sales

    If you are an online merchant, you may have made the decision either consciously or unconsciously that shipping internationally is really too complicated to deal with duties and taxes. You may have verbiage like the following on your webpage...
  • International Shipping, Duties, Taxes, Customs

    Yakit for Miva

    Yakit for Miva is a Miva module that provides the following capabilities for your Miva store. Shows Yakit international shipping rates and duties/taxes in your Miva shopping cart. Allows you to push Miva orders (whether they are quoted by Yakit in your shopping cart or not) to Yakit.
  • Yakit - Payment options
    International Shipping

    Payment options for US, EU, HK, SG, CN merchants

    US, EU, HK, SG and CN merchants can pay for Yakit Jobs using these options
  • Cross border logistics elements
    International Shipping

    Third Party Fulfillment (3PF)

    During their growth phase, online merchants may begin to consider using a Third Party Fulfillment (3PF) house to handle their warehousing, pick/pack, shipping and order processing including returns.
  • Yakit Shopify App Version 2.0

    Yakit for Shopify App, Version 2.0

    New and Improved, Yakit for Shopify App, Version 2.0 (May 2016) Thanks to amazing feedback from our community of Yakit for Shopify App users, we are proud to announce Version 2.0! The new Yakit for Shopify App is better than ever. What's new : Direct acccess to your shipping dashboard from your Shopify admin Seamless syncing of all your international orders with automatic fufillment
  • Shipment Monitoring

    Shipment Monitoring brought to you by Yakit

    There is only one company that actually monitors the end to end logistics from an online merchant's shipping center, all the way to the receiving customer's door, this company is Yakit. Not only does Yakit have end-to-end, "no gaps" tracking, but they also internally monitor their client's shipments to facilitate communications to the end consumer so that everyone is
  • Yakit Express

    Yakit Express - when you can't wait to get it

    Yakit Express, your international shipments get there even sooner, in 2-5 days worldwide. With the same care and convenience as Yakit Standard. Fully insured, with full end-to-end "no gaps" tracking.
  • Yakit for International Shippers
    Duties, Taxes, Customs

    The Yakit Value Proposition

    The Yakit value proposition in today’s online E-commerce and E-Tail Space is very unique and is unmatched in the marketplace. The DaaS ( Delivery as a Service) Yakit provides for international shippers and international consumers has literally stitched together the incredible complexities of business to consumer shipping and made the world a ‘smaller-boutique’ for savvy online marketers.
  • Yakit Ultimate Partner to India
    Cross border

    Yakit is your ultimate partner to India

    If your online business is starting to see more and more orders being purchased from Indian consumers, you are not alone. The Indian E-tail / B to C market is growing at double digit percentages year after year. Indian consumers are making online purchases in the high end retail fashion and accessories, health and beauty products and electronic goods. More and more purchases are being made online
  • International e-commerce shipping
    Cross border

    Are You Ready to Yakit?

    In the highly competitive world of online retailing, each order that goes out your door is the most important order—whether you own a brick-and-mortar storefront with a small shipping section in the back office or you have outsourced your shipping to a fulfillment company. Selling and delivering to international consumers does not have to be difficult; in fact, international expansion is a core