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  • International Shipping

    Yakit API

    To begin with, a customer needs to sign up on Yakit. We can use oAuth to carry over the Partner credentials to create an account on Yakit. The creation of the account will generate a unique account key for access to the Yakit APIs. The Yakit account credentials can be linked to the Partner user account and will be used to enable access to the Y-Engine (Yakit Shipping Engine) APIs.
  • International Shipping

    Yakit Shipping Insurance - how does it work?

    Yakit is in the business of delivering shipments from warehouse to Buyer. Merchants pay Yakit for its delivery service. Yakit supports B2C (worldwide) and B2B (in some geographies) shipments. Each shipment is insured by Yakit to the Value that is declared to Yakit during the shipping process. Shipment insurance begins when the shipment is Dispatched from the warehouse and ends when it is
  • Tracking

    Countries supported by Yakit

    The list of countries that Yakit supports, depending on the Country of Export. (If you have other countries that you would like supported by our Yakit Standard service, let us know.) Yakit Standard = 6-12 business days delivery. Yakit Express = 2-5 business days delivery. Where Day=0 is when the shipment is Dispatched. Both services are duties paid and fully insured up to $2000/shipment, with
  • Cross border

    Y-Rate Calculator

    The Y-Rate Calculator is a simple tool that uses Yakit’s routing and rating engine to predict what a particular shipment will cost, including any applicable duties and taxes. Since the Y-Rate Calculator uses the same engine as the Yakit Shipping Tool, you will get an accurate estimate of the final shipping cost, but these results are provided only for reference. Some of the key factors in your