Intelligent platform that simplifies eCommerce delivery

Yakit is a simple and powerful platform for international delivery, focused on eCommerce.

We provide customers with courier service at postal prices, and we give merchants the tools to unlock global markets.

Why Yakit
Cross-border eCommerce is the largest direction of growth in the global eCommerce market. 
With universal credit card acceptance, and international brand recognition, global delivery remains one of the few barriers to truly
 Flat World eCommerceTM
Delivery is the biggest source of customer dissatisfaction, and negatively affects both Conversion and Lifetime Value. 
Yakit is dedicated to removing these barriers. We get consumers what they want, when they want it, with affordable shipping and
no surprises.

How is Yakit different
International consumers pay a lot more than they have to for delivery. They are unsure of where their packages are, when they will arrive, and how much they will actually have to pay.
With Yakit’s data-driven VDN, delivery is smooth, transparent, and efficient. Yakit automatically sets up routes and tracking for each package. 
Merchants can now focus on their core business strategy, knowing Yakit is driving a superior delivery experience.

About Yakit

We are an experienced and agile team in the heart of Silicon Valley, funded and supported by investors with deep roots in eCommerce.

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